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Whether you’ve been supporting us since day one or you just found out about us, we can’t begin to express how much we appreciate you. It’s crazy to think that it’s only been four months since we’ve been live. Our third launch is approaching quickly, so let’s catch you up to speed with everything that's happened so far.

Fresh out of school, we started our journey to making a bubble tea flavoured protein powder back in October 2020 with milk tea as our first and only flavour. We were optimistic going in and thought the entire process was going to take a few weeks; we’ve never been more wrong in our lives. From starting with a blue, chunky concoction for our first protein recipe, to finding the right proportion of black tea to add to our protein, product development took almost a year for only one flavour. 




Finally, in September 2021, our milk tea protein powder was ready and we received our first shipment of inventory in November 2021. As recent graduates working full-time jobs for a little bit over a year, we were broke. Most of our money was devoted to product development and inventory, and we didn’t have much left for marketing.

Fortunately, timing was on our side. The pandemic didn’t just give us the opportunity to hoard more toilet paper than we needed and play Olivia Rodrigo on repeat; it gave us time to mindlessly scroll through TikTok for hours. Watching other content creators grow on TikTok inspired us to document our entire process and share our journey with like-minded people. With inventory ready, now was our time to shine: post some dance videos and thirst traps on TikTok and see what sticks. Oh, and our story of course.

After a few weeks, we were shocked to see our communi-tea grow to over 13,400 bubble tea drinkers and fitness enthusiasts. It was incredible having so many real, authentic conversations with people who simply shared a love for bubble tea and staying fit. To this day, interacting with our communi-tea continues to be our favourite part of the process.

"To this day, interacting with our communi-tea continues to be our favourite part of the process."

On December 6th, 2021, we officially launched our milk tea protein powder. It was a surreal feeling seeing a year’s worth of work finally come to fruition. Our amazing communi-tea really caught us by surprise and we sold out in less than a day. We knew we needed to come back bigger and better…


…And that’s exactly what we did. After delivering our last order, we went straight to work on restocking and developing new bubble tea protein powder flavours. Finally, on January 31st, 2022 we had our second launch and thanks to your amazing support, we sold out in three minutes. Selling out for the second time felt great for about five minutes, but we soon realized it wasn’t as cool as it seemed; not everyone was able to try our protein power. 

From that moment forward, we had to make sure that anyone who wanted a high-protein boba drink could get a high-protein boba drink. Our third launch is approaching quickly and we’re so excited to share all the new things we have ready for you.  All-in-all, we’re grateful to be a part of this amazing communi-tea of bubble tea lovers and fitness enthusiasts.

Spring 2022. Mark your calendars. Third launch is going to be crazy!

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