Bubble tea protein

Our communi-tea has been nothing but supportive since we kicked off our journey to making our bubble tea protein powder. The best part about doing everything we do is meeting other bubble tea lovers and fitness enthusiasts. Now, we want to be a part of YOUR community and work directly with YOU. If you’re working with a community organization, a brand, or hosting an event, let’s work together!


There’s nothing better than supporting your community and driving your purpose forward. Tell us more about what you’re about and we’d love to support you! 


Big ideas, big missions, big collabs. We’d love to work with other brands to create content, coordinate events, and product collabs. We’re open to new ideas and anything creative!


We love events and par-teas! Hit us up and let us help you out by supplying your event with the best bubble tea protein you can find.

bubble tea protein
Before we start working together, we’d love to get to know you and what your organization does! To get started, click the button below to fill out a 5-minute form about your organization. We would love to be a part of everyone's community, but given our limited resources at this point in time, we’ll only be able to accept a handful of organizations.
bubble tea protein