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As a bubble tea lover with my favourite flavour being milk tea, I never thought milk tea would cause me so much dread and stress.

When we received our last batch of ingredients for our Signature Milk Tea protein back in July 2023 for our V2 Launch, we followed our usual process and partnered with a third-party lab to ensure the quality and consistency of our ingredients were up to our standards. 

Everything seemed to check out fine, but when we finished production, everything was not fine. Our Signature Milk Tea protein lacked its characteristic tea flavour and was unexpectedly sweeter. We were disheartened, lost, and had a decision to make.

As a small business, resources are scarce and we invested a lot of money into our milk tea protein inventory. Do we: 

  1. Throw out our entire inventory; or
  2. Salvage what we had

We went with the latter and for the last few months, we sold our milk tea at a discount.

After bringing all our ingredients back to our kitchen and investigating for about ten minutes, we knew what was wrong. While the nutritional content remained the same, the tea powder we received from our supplier simply didn’t taste like what we had sampled the months earlier (which is really fucking frustrating). 

Fast forward to today, for this round of milk tea, we’re now working with a new supplier that brings a renewed focus on authenticity and flavour. We reformulated our beloved Signature Milk Tea protein powder to bring back the tea taste you know and love. Drawing from the wisdom of mom, we followed her timeless advice of – "not too sweet."

Cheers to flavour, rediscovered!

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